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Untitled (Dancers and Fireworks) Postcard

Untitled (Dancers and Fireworks) Postcard

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Paint on canvas
Courtesy of the Monroe Family Collection

Filled with electric streetlamps, contemporary costumes, and well-choreographed ballerinas, the lower half of this painting is an ode to a modern and internationalized early twentieth-century Ukraine. By contrast, the top half is a chaotic mix of pure whimsy and colorful symbols from Ukrainian folk art, which together double as a firework show. Soaring across the sky is a multicolored firebird, a mythological creature of Slavic folklore symbolizing rebirth and happiness. By combining these disparate elements—real and imagined, modern and folk—Voronovsky achieves a stylistic and cultural synthesis, which animates much of his work.

4x6 inch Postcard

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