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The Power of Popular Culture in Education: History, Music, and Visual Imagery

The Power of Popular Culture in Education: History, Music, and Visual Imagery

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by Zerric Clinton, Ph.D.

The Power Of Popular Culture: History, Music and Visual Imagery, is a comprehensive resource covering topics including popular culture, history, visual imagery and music. This book explores the offerings of Black Music and its evolution. It also provides insight on how history impacts popular culture by diving into Black History from the transatlantic slave trade to modern day civil rights and social justice movements. Additionally, the book highlights research on using popular culture in classrooms to engage students.

In popular culture, music and visual images can be used to sell products or convey certain messages. While some of these messages may be positive, others can be negative and even harmful. The book empowers the reader by providing strategies for educators, parents and others working with young people. These strategies enable the reader to help guide young people to critically analyze the music they hear and the images they see. Valuable resources for teaching and learning, on topics such as music, climate awareness, social justice, critical media studies, visual and performance arts, history, literacy, and anthropology are included. Explore ideas for using popular culture to create engaging instructional experiences.

The book includes detailed lesson plans that can be used immediately. Each lesson plan includes:

  • Lesson overview
  • Estimated time to complete the activity
  • Subjects covered
  • Grade level
  • Lesson objectives
  • Materials needed
  • Procedures for the lesson, including step by step instructions for all activities
  • Questions and ideas for facilitated discussions with whole groups
  • Assessment
  • Reflection
  • Conclusion
  • Additional resources, such as links to playlists and supporting information for lesson topics
  • Reproducible handouts - upload these to your learning management system or share with your students via your cloud drive

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding through Black History
  • Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • Three-fifths Compromise
  • Modern Civil Rights Movement
  • The History of Black Music in America
  • Musical Comparison
  • Motifs of Oppression
  • Cultural Evolution of Music
  • Popular Culture & Classroom Engagement

Despite the clear benefits of integrating popular culture in the educational setting there is a lack of understanding on how to do it. This book will show you how. This book is for educators, administrators, college professors, community partners, parents and anyone interested in making a positive difference in the lives of young people.

200 pages, 6 x 0.46 x 9 inches

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