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Hokusai Dragon Lapel Pin

Hokusai Dragon Lapel Pin

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Dragon by Hokusai

Soft Enamel Pin
6 colors
One black rubber clutch
Backer card (90 x 52 mm)
Transparent bag with hole


About Dragon

The Dragon depicts a powerful and large dragon on a red background, surrounded by waves that are reminiscent of the style of The Great Wave. The painting is one of the largest pieces of artwork Hokusai ever created. Over the centuries, this iconic work of art has been an inspiration for many, and it is still recognized as a masterpiece today.

To achieve this grandiose artwork, Hokusai employed the technique of Nikuhitsu-ga, a form of painting within the Ukiyo-e style that could produce far larger paintings than his woodblock prints. He used this technique to produce Dragon and Phoenix which were both used to cover the ceiling of a festival float. 

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