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What is Left Unspoken, Love Exhibition Catalogue

What is Left Unspoken, Love Exhibition Catalogue

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by Michael Rooks

Is love intrinsic, or is it a habit? What is the relationship of love to truth, freedom, and justice? Is love possible without mystery? Can it be scientifically proven? Why is it so hard to say, "I love you"?

What is Left Unspoken, Love features contemporary artworks from the early 1990s through the present by more than thirty-five diverse and multigenerational artists base in North America, Central America, Europe, and Asia. They examine the different ways that one of the most powerful forces of life is understood, expressed, and often left unspoken.

Works in the exhibition explore concepts of love from the most intimate of relationships between two people, through the ties that bind family and friends, to social movements that promote the worth and well-being of community. At its most epic, the exhibition deals with the family of humankind and its connection with the natural world, as well as the pursuit of wisdom or the love of knowledge, while promoting the notion that love is worth considering, particularly as an agent of change and a force for good.

With an exhibition overview by curator Michael Rooks, the catalogue includes prose and poetry by French author Sonia David, Puerto Rican writer Noel Quiñones, and award-winning playwright and Atlanta poet laureate Pearl Cleage.

130 pages, 11.25 x 10 x .75 inches, Hardcover.

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