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John Portman FORM

John Portman FORM

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"Human intellect relates to the straight line, but emotions are tied to the curvilinear forms of nature. Both represent needs that must be met to satisfy the human creature fully. If you draw a straight line, you will feel it in  your head, but if you draw a flowing line, you will feel it in  your heart." - John Portman

Internationally recognized as an architect, real estate developer and entrepreneur, John Portman's personal commitment to the integration of art and architecture was evident from the tart. His first commission was the renovation of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Building on which he envisioned affixing a contemporary metal sculpture of an eagle. The client liked the idea, but was unwilling to finance the art. So Portman invested his own money for the sculpture, and, thus, began incorporating art as an integral part of his work, including designing lighting fixtures, hardware, and furniture, and eventually channeling his creativity into painting and sculpture.

To quote Oliver Strebelle, University of Georgia Lamar Dodd Professor of Art and recognized sculptor, "No architect is more aware of the need of this mystery called art in our everyday life."

His interests- the love of nature, the merging of opposite forces, the study of human responses- are as central to Portman's artwork as they are to his architecture. This book explores the intimate relationship of the man, his architecture and his art.

265 pages, 14 x 11 x 1.25 inches, Hardcover. 130 color plates.

Click HERE to read more about the High's 2011 John Portman: Art & Architecture Exhibition.

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