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Stacked Books Lunch Bag

Stacked Books Lunch Bag

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Artists Grant Rosen and Michaela Kuechenhoff scour the United States to save damaged world atlases, dictionaries, and rare sheet music and turn them into artwork before they disappear for good. Their paper is currently up to 150 years old. Each duplicate is a one of a kind because they match the top words to the artwork and the artwork to the paper, so everything you see is there for a reason! Grant and Michaela have created a whimsical collection of everyday items you can use in your own space.

“Food is art, but you get to eat it too!” Whether you’re on the go or at home, this reusable art lunch bag holds all your goodies!

ArtNWordz donates a portion of their proceeds to the National School Lunch Program.

Made of recyclable Tyvek, it will keep hot or cold foods up to eight hours, tearproof, waterproof, leak resistant. 9W x 10H x 4 1/2D inches.

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