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Sketch Appeal:  The Art of Self-Love

Sketch Appeal: The Art of Self-Love

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by Dulcie Ball

Sketch Appeal is a fun and approachable guide that invites you to spend some quality digital downtime with over 50 creative portrait and self-care challenges to ignite the artist within!

Playing both artist and muse, you’ll learn to see and draw yourself like never before, nurturing your creativity and self-confidence along the way. You’ll experiment with a range of materials, styles and approaches that encourage you to break free from ‘perfection’, re-frame ‘mistakes’ and venture beyond your comfort zone to discover new and forms of self-expression and self-care. Through a series of easy self-portrait prompts, as well as playful quotes, self-care tips and artist interviews, self-taught drawer Dulcie Ball will help you to nurture, appreciate and celebrate the most important thing in your world – you!

Whether it’s drawing yourself in all the colours of the rainbow, taking yourself on a sketch date or drawing yourself in the style of Frida Kahlo or Picasso, this interactive book is not about mastering the 'right' way to draw, or even about getting good at art – it's about having fun, carving out some time for you and re-connecting with your true, creative self. So whether you're a novice drawer or a full-blown sketch addict, it’s time to mute your inner critic, silence your smartphone and switch your creativity on!

6.3 x 0.8 x 8.3 inches, 224 pages, Soft-cover.

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