Do you think it's a woozle? – mounted print

This is one of E.H. Shepard’s most recognized and admired drawings. Gifted to the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1973 by Shepard, it shows Pooh and Piglet circling the snowy Hundred Acre Wood.

Inspired by the original illustration which is in the Victoria and Albert collection, this mounted print is perfect for Winnie-the-Pooh lovers.

Reproduced from a drawing in the Victoria and Albert Museum collection.
Do you think it’s a Woozle?
E.H. Shepard (1879–1976)
Pencil drawing for Winnie-the-Pooh, 1926
V&A: E.545–1973
© Trustees of the Pooh Properties
© The Shepard Trust

11 x 14 inches, Paper: Monte Carlo, 300gsm textured paper sourced from a UK paper mill. Smooth white window mount.

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