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Hokusai Coloring Book

Hokusai Coloring Book

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Channel your inner artist and recreate the artwork of one of the most famous artist in history, Hokusai. This coloring book is printed on thick, high-quality paper, allowing you to use any medium you like. Pencils, watercolors, paint, ink, there is no limit to your creativity.

Includes 12 masterpieces:

  • Act VIII, the Journey Scene - 1801
  • Cuckoo and Azaleas - 1834
  • Dragon - 1834
  • Fine Wind, Clear Morning (Red Fuji) - 1830-32
  • Fuji from Gotenyama at Shinagawa on the Tōkaidō - 1832
  • Kirifuri Waterfall at Kurokami Mountain in Shimotsuke - 1832
  • Peonies and Canary - 1834
  • Tenma Bridge - 1833-34
  • The Great Wave off Kanagawa - 1829-32
  • Waiting Nets - 1832-34
  • Watanabe no Gengo Tsuna and Inokuma Nyûdô Raiun - 1833-35
  • Whaling off the Coast of the Goto Islands - 1831-33

 Need a little help? Use these reference images. We won't tell anybody!

Coloring Book - Hokusai (PDF)

About Hokusai
Hokusai's work transformed the ukiyo-e artform from a style of portraiture largely focused on courtesans and actors into a much broader style of art that focused on landscapes, plants, and animals. Over his career, Hokusai used more than 30 different names, always beginning a new cycle of works by changing it, and letting his students use the previous name.


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