• Clue Town Piedmont Park
  • Clue Town Piedmont Park

Clue Town Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is a 189-acre urban park located in Midtown Atlanta. The site is ripe with grassy hills, local history, and scenic spots off the beaten path. Solvers of Clue Town: Piedmont Park will journey through the heart of the park and discover what makes it such an active and iconic destination.

Clue Town is a series of ready-to-solve scavenger hunts located in walkable areas of Atlanta, Georgia. Hunters use landmarks to solve puzzles. The solutions to those puzzles reveal how to get to the next checkpoint.

  • A fun adventure for adults and kids (ages 12 and up should be able to complete an entire hunt on their own).
  • Education, entertainment, and exercise.
  • Ideal for date nights, birthday parties, quality family time, office team-building exercises, and solo sight-seeing. 
  • Each book includes a compass and pencil to assist with the quest.
  • Completion time depends on many factors, including age, pace, and number of solvers. Most hunts take 90 minutes to complete.

Jay Carlson’s ready-to-solve scavenger hunt series Clue Town is the first of its kind. It successfully marries Jay’s love of ’zines and games into an activity book that anyone can enjoy. When he isn’t designing websites or books, Jay enjoys being a stay-at-home dad and eating tacos.

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