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Africanizing Christian Art

Africanizing Christian Art

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A radical art project of resistance to colonial domination in religion, the Oye- Ekiti Workshop in southwest Nigeria became the first specifically devoted to indigenizing Christian visuality in Africa. Blending the inspiration of Rev. Kevin Carroll, Society of the African Missions, and the creativity of renowned workshop artists George Bandele Areogun, Lamidi Olonade Fakeye and Areogun of Osi, the Oye-Ekiti Workshop produced a contemporary Nigerian fusion called Yoruba-Christian art combining traditional Yoruba expressive culture with Christian iconography. Part of a Vatican encouraged process variously called indigenization, inculturation or adaptation, this unique genre heralded both the coming of African independence and the global shift of Christianity away from Europe and to the southern hemisphere during the twentieth century. Over sixty years after its origins, the meaning and value of this highly visible step in the decolonization of the Catholic Church and its art in Nigeria continues to animate the local community.


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