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101 Great Samurai Prints

101 Great Samurai Prints

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One of the last great names in the Japanese ukiyo-e style, Utagawa Kuniyoshi was an undisputed master of the warrior woodblock print. Born in Tokyo in 1797, his talent became evident by the tender age of 12, when he became an apprentice to a famous print master. Starting out with vivid illustrations of cultural icons — including Kabuki actors and Japanese heroes — he moved on to a unique treatment of warrior prints, incorporating elements of dreams, omens, and daring feats that characterized his distinctive style. These dramatic eighteenth-century illustrations represent the pinnacle of his craft. One hundred and one full-color portraits of legendary samurai pulse with movement, passion, and remarkably fine detail. A must for collectors of Japanese art and a perfect first work for those who want to start their own collection, it includes brief captions and a new introduction.


Dover original selection from Taiheiki eiyu den or Heroic Biographies from the "Tale of Grand Pacification" (1846-47), Sechu gishi den or The Faithful Samurai (1847-48), and Seichu gishin den or The Faithful Hearts (1848).
Dimensions: 8.3 x 0.3 x 10.7 inches


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