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Collection: Trecy Bleich Jewelry

Artisan:  Trecy Bleich/Trecy Bleich Jewelry, Atlanta, Georgia

I am a self-taught artist. Since childhood, I've always been interested in fashion. As I began jewelry making ten years ago, my goal was to inject my personal character into my designs. My point of view of what design is has sustained my brand for this long.

My brand focus is on handcrafted jewelry with modern aesthetics. The designs are simple but attract a buyer with individualistic appeal. Creations are made using simple handcrafted metals, anodized aluminum, handmade resin, and hematite.

The style and materials make my products unique. My inspiration comes from life experiences, nature, and architecture. My creative process includes handcrafted metals, hand beading, and handmade resin.

During COVID self-quarantine, I created various colors of my popular designs, and recently I ventured into making pieces with handmade resin.

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