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Collection: StyleBLISS Jewels

Artist:  Nicole Carter/StyleBliss Jewels, Atlanta, Georgia


Artistically blending the beauty of style and absolute bliss, StyleBLISS Jewels is a burgeoning jewelry brand comprising meticulously handcrafted and uniquely designed limited-edition and one-of-a-kind statement pieces and is best known for its distinctive signature design aesthetic and glamorous glass accents reflecting the essence of modern luxury and feminine flair. With a focus on magnifying the elegance, presence, and personal style of women, StyleBLISS Jewels is a brand that also prides itself on being an authentically artistic expression and inspiration to follow your bliss.

Synonymous with wearable art and geometric glamor, StyleBLISS Jewels consists of limited edition and one-of-a-kind designs created with glass and high-quality materials utilized in unique ways. With ever-

expanding creativity infused into every piece of jewelry designed, the pieces are created to capture the beauty and essence of modern style and sleek sophistication.

My creative process can be best described as a natural exploration that organically evolves. I enjoy being in the moment of the artistic journey I personally experience when configuring each piece of jewelry just as much as I look forward to the final creation. Since my creative inspiration comes in different forms, my initial approach to designing is usually free flowing when I am conceptualizing the design, and then I transition to being very particular when I’m at the phase of constructing and naming a single piece of jewelry or a collection of many. As a jewelry designer, my desire is to accentuate the natural elegance of my designs while maintaining the integrity of the materials I use to create them. My focal material is glass complemented by high-quality materials assembled to create wearable works of art. Upon completion, I name every piece of jewelry to symbolize and evoke a sense of peace, tranquility, joy, and adventure.

Beginning at an incredibly early age, I have always had an interest in jewelry and the art of design. My segue into jewelry design surprisingly came at a time when I yearned for a purposeful creative outlet. What began as a few hours of leisurely and spontaneously resurrecting, deconstructing, and recreating pieces of jewelry I collected over the years resulted in an innate passion for handcrafting my own original jewelry designs derived from inspiration that positively impacts my life in various ways and on a regular basis. The wonderfully positive response I continuously received whenever I wore my jewelry creations propelled me to launch my jewelry brand. My motivation to design jewelry extends beyond my passion to do so as a form of personal and artistic expression. I also design jewelry in hopes of my pieces being timeless, wearable art that truly resonates with the wearers, admirers, and viewers of my work. I named my jewelry brand StyleBLISS Jewels with an emphasis on the word BLISS not only because of the sheer joy that designing jewelry gives me, but also to bring that feeling to others via StyleBLISS Jewels.

As a self-taught jewelry designer who is still in awe and always grateful for this artistic talent existing in my life, I am inspired by various places, spaces, and everyday experiences. With influences ranging from the tranquility of serene settings to the elegance of exquisite décor and from the beauty of contemporary art to the awesomeness of architecture and travel, I am continuously captivated and greatly inspired by a myriad of life’s simplest pleasures, moments, and masterpieces. It is such a joy and an absolute pleasure to be able to combine and capture the essence of my varied influences, inspiration, and experiences in the jewelry designs I joyfully create by hand.

At the beginning of the self-quarantine, I created a few new jewelry pieces as I was fully grasping the actual existence of life’s new normal. However, soon thereafter as time progressed, I delved deeply into designing to the point that I wholeheartedly believe I’ve been my most creative self during this time in ways that continue to amaze me. My artistic perspective has heightened, and I’ve conceptualized and created more new pieces while also expanding and pivoting my jewelry brand a bit to further connect with new and existing wearers and admirers of my jewelry.

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