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Collection: Odessa Huff

Artist:  Odessa Huff/College Park, Atlanta, Georgia

Odessa grew up in a large Atlanta family making her own clothes. Her dad was a tailor, her grandmother was a seamstress, both of her grandmothers and all her aunts sewed and quilted- and the Singer pedal machine was always in use. So, it was natural for Odessa to follow in their footsteps. She holds a BS in Home Economics from Morris Brown College and earned a part-time living as a dressmaker for many years.

Odessa encourages the use of all scraps and never throws any fabric away. She started the Welcome All Quilters' Guild in 2016 when a neighbor asked to see her quilts. Since the group's inception, more than sixty participants have taken part. The group meets weekly at Welcome All Park in South Fulton County.

Odessa enjoys using Afrocentric fabrics and colorful borders. She says, "It is rewarding to see those who have never touched a sewing machine interact with seasoned quilters and produce a product that they can proudly give to their grandchildren and family to pass down for generations to come."

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