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Collection: Sara Anderson Design

Artisan:  Sara Anderson/Sara Anderson Design, Tucker, Georgia

I design my beautiful lifestyle brand from my studio in Northeast Atlanta, creating from my experiences, history, and authentic aesthetic. I have a couple of favorite quotes. One is from Elsie de Wolfe, who said,

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful—that is what I will do with my life.” And so she did . . . and so will I. This is my raison d’etre. I was raised by artists, curators, and naturalists. I’ve lived from farm to city, and ALL of this has contributed to my appreciation and eclectic expression. And how amazing it’s been!

Influenced by a life full of fascinating people, world travel, the rich culture of my upbringing in the Southern United States, and an outrageous appreciation for many artists and movements, I endeavor to bring these elements together as they inspire me. My brand includes Apres Wear Kimono, my signature silk as well as silk/cashmere scarves, and a line of home goods. I translate these elements in my language and process to feed your heart as mine has been fed.

My unique blend of heritage, inspiration, and travels makes my products unique. I have created a limited-edition brand from my artwork. Everything we produce comes from a drawing, painting, and occasionally a print. My product is my voice and as such is completely unique and authentic. In a world of mass production, my products are an opportunity for my buyer to participate and own something unique and lasting.

My process begins with either a drawing or painting. Sometimes the product is my actual work on fabric, and sometimes a particular aspect of the artwork lends itself to creating an exciting pattern. You will see both images and pattern in all that I create.

I have always been an artist and was formally trained at Maryland Institute College of Art and Design and Georgia State. After raising two beautiful children, I began down a road that I had always wanted to explore: textiles. I wanted to explore how to bring my artwork off the page and onto something that is both functional and beautiful. I’m thrilled to have my daughter joining me at Sara Anderson Design after completing her BFA.

My Aunt Violet used to say, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.” My amendment to this is to add, “and to do it beautifully.” There are so many aspects of my life that I find inspiring: nature, art history (Japanese to modern), collaborating with others, and travel. There is nothing that gives me more joy than to make it beautiful. Simple things like setting a beautiful table, dressing beautifully, and making this accessible to others inspire me.

During quarantine, I created my line for Winter 2020 and Spring 2021. This includes an elaborate focus on table linens and an expanded line of silk scarves. I painted and developed for the next year. We are adding even more in Spring 2021.

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