The Techniques of Syd Mead Volume 4: Final Gouache Rendering

The Techniques of Syd Mead DVD Collection

The Techniques of Syd Mead takes you on an in-depth journey into the process of Syd Mead, who has produced decades of creative ingenuity. Whether you’re an artist exploring method or an art collector looking to watch a miracle in progress, this four-DVD set is a must-have for art enthusiasts of all kinds.

Volume 4: Final Gouache Rendering

In the final DVD, Mead illustrates the process of creating the final gouache rendering of his initial composition. He explains how to create and prepare a transfer sheet and, once the illustration is transferred, how to use the color preliminary value sketch as a guide. He then demonstrates how to use the custom color palette to add detail to the illustration one area at a time. Using this method, he adds detail from background to foreground, retracing at each stage, re-establishing detail areas, and completing the illustration.

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