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Collection: DANI LIN

Founders:  Linda and Kameron Givens/DANI LIN, Smyrna, Georgia

DANI LIN designs and sells handcrafted handbags and accessories made with Italian leather and custom designed fabrics. Their limited-edition designs are unique to current market trends.

This unique brand is entirely handcrafted. Each handbag and accessory is patterned, cut, and then sewn the old-fashioned way—no glues, no prints, and nothing mass produced.

Cofounder and lead designer Linda Lin has more than twenty-one years of retail experience. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe, which has fueled her pattern design and inspiration for this brand. Cofounder Kameron Daniel works closely with his partner to source uniquely designed fabrics, color palettes, and raw materials for their brand. The team finds inspiration in mixing bold colors to create styles that are fresh and unique.

During this year’s quarantine, the team put more focus into their online presence and learning new skills to promote their brand.

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