Pablo Picasso:  The Interaction between Collectors and Exhibitions

Pablo Picasso: The Interaction between Collectors and Exhibitions

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by Enrique Mallen

This book explores the interaction between collectors, dealers and exhibitions in Pablo Picasso's entire career. The former two often played a determining role in which artworks were included in expositions, as well as their availability and value in the art market. The term collector/dealer must often be used in combination since the distinction between both is often unclear; Heinz Berggruen, for instance, identified himself primarily as a collector, although he also sold quite a few Picassos through his Paris gallery. While some dealers were above all professional gallery owners; most were mainly collectors who sporadically sold items from their collection.

The book is organized chronologically and discusses the interaction between Picasso's collectors, dealers and exhibitions as they take place. Once collectors acquired an artwork, their willingness to lend them to exhibitions or their necessity to submit them to auction had a direct impact on Picasso's prominence in the art world.

6 x .7 x 9.2 inches, 256 pages, Soft-cover.

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